Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aaannnd more stuff again

More stuff since last time!

I participated in a weekly pixel joint challenge again, it had been a while since I did that. I didnt win or anything but I like how my image turned out nonetheless.
Its basically a little troupe of clown fishes (none of which are actually clown fishes heh... how...ironic...)

I also drew a very colorful image for a contest at my college, to decide what would next years' agenda cover look like. This is what I came up with:
Its basically some ridiculous cartoony character taking a lil stroll in fucked-up-land. All of these flowers sure took a while to draw, but in the end the details in them make a pretty cool effect I think. The image being very cartoon-like and colorful, I'm not sure it will be picked at all, they are probably looking for something more boring. Heh, ah well, it was fun to draw anyways....

Last in the round-up is some college work for my "Arts numériques 2d-3d" course, where we had to mix 3 different media in a 15-40 seconds animation that showcased lip sync. Here is the video:
It was fun to do and I learned quite a bit about XSI (the program we use in the course) in the process. My brother did the voice acting sunday, I made the lip sync animations monday within a couple of hours, and I finished the film with the audio effects earlier today, just in time to do the final render and deliver it on a dvd in class.
The 3d scenery and character animation were made last saturday and the filming was done first, about a week ago, with some help from our student TV crew.
Originally it was going to be a bit longer and have more of an ending but I didn't have time to film the missing parts and had to do last minute changes. Too bad!

In other news I also had some freelance work for Electronic Arts Mobile, but I'm not allowed to go into any details.

We have resumed work on Super Banana Nababa recently, that's rad. Were doing more planning now instead of pretty much making it all up as we go. I aught to make more games, I didn't do anything in a while. I will probably participate in this week's poppenkast activity, 4 hours to make a money-themed game. That should de-rust mah game-makin' arm.... Ill do somethin' rad...