Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cowboys and crabs are two very cool concepts

Ive been spending some time sprucing up old projects! One of them is Crab Cowboy, that game I originally made for a Poppenkast compo. Making it longer, look better and play better. Heres a few screenshots of what I got right now after about two days of polishing:

Planned are 5 levels, 7 enemies and 5 bosses. So far I got all levels made, but only 3 of them are populated with baddies and only one is really finished, the village. I could finish dat thang within a week if I wasn't so horribly lazy. Need to refresh your memory about the original Crab Cowboy game made for the competition? Scroll down to the games section and pick it up. It was neat enough.

Other than that, very little is new, I got some college work, might be working on the visuals of a pretty neat XNL game with the XXIst Century Digital Boy software guys soon too. Also I've been compiling a lot of my past work to build a portfolio of sorts ill make in Flash. Probably something really lively full of animation and wacky shit, to sell my mad animating skills!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vector illustration.

New pic! Another issue cover for my College's student newspaper, Le MotDit. This time its in vector art.

How will spiderman get out of this one!? Let's find out...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It goes krackrboom!! Blammo!
Thats an old sprite of mine that I found in an old folder. I added a bunch of frames there and there to wrap it up and here it is:

Its all blooey! Might recycle it in a game sometime...