Friday, December 24, 2010

Some stuff that happened

I am horrible at updating this blog I am the champion of not updating things.

To make it up, heres some stuff I've done since!

I am currently working on an entry to the ACTION 52 OWNS activity on Tigsource, a game makin thingy organized by Arthur "Mr. Podunkian" Lee, where 52 developpers remake the 52 awful games from the notoriously awful Action 52 videogame cartidge.
This 1991 NES game cart was a pack of 52 awful games, half of them almost unplayable, some of them LITERALLY unplayable, all of them riddled with bugs and design problems and glitches. The cart was sold at the outrageous price of 200$. The activity is for individual developpers or small teams to each make a new action 52 game, inspired from games of the original NES cartidge. Some games are still available for developpers on the sign up page. You will need a TIGsource account to sign up, as the process uses your TIGsource member ID.

The game I got was game 27: NON HUMAN. Here is a video of the original:

My own game inspired from it is almost done. I will try to finish it over the holidays, but that wont be easy, cant make promises....

My take on it is a robot warrior going on an action-packed shootin' adventure against horrible mutants and zombies and giant eyes and mouths. The robot, like in the original, can only shoot forward. And like the original, the game is a continuous horizontal path, with no rooms or levels. Here is a video of someone playing through an early build (as well as two other games from the same activity)

You can find a more recent (though still old) build in the TIGsource topic about the activity. I wont post it here until its really done though, I don't want the build to start spreading around before its all wrapped up.

Almost half of the 52 games are finished as of this blog post, check them out!

In other news, I also made a few covers for indie game soundtracks!

Here is one, for Lazrool's Warlock Bentspine

I recorded the drawing process here:

You can get the fantastic, free game this soundtrack is for on The Poppenkast Forums.
You can get the also free soundtrack itself at the IImusic website.

Thats a cover for the original soundtrack of Super Crate Box, a game by Vlambeer.
Heres a recording of me making the right half of the picture:

You can get the fantastic, free game the soundtrack is for at the Super Crate Box Website.
You can get the also free soundtrack itself at the IImusic website.