Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Building Boom Blues vid and other stuff

Made a gameplay vid for Big Building Boom Blues, check it here:

I am not working on games much right now, lots of stuff to do: college stuff, pixel art jobs to finish...

As far as games go, Super Banana Nababa, a game project I started to participate in since early october was submitted to the IGF on November 1st. I worked on that a lot during october,but not so much since after it was sent so far this month. The game isn't complete but what's there is awesome. Its a little less than halfway done maybe?

Sluggy's other adventures is advancing very slowly, mostly because its not very high in my current priorities, but also because I'm thinking of changing a lot about it, so much it could become barely recognizable from the demo I put here a few weeks back (check older blog post).
I'm thinking about putting together many of the various game projects I started from Sluggy as a base into one big game somehow. The code from these various different games is very easy to put together as it had the same origin. Thinking of doing something weird, like two parallel games that are played simultaneously, one that is exploration-based with a large persistent world and the other with a simple linear level structure. I'm trying to build around that idea, it could be fun but it'd take a long time and I prolly wont really work on it until SBN is all done.