Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuff I did!

Hey! Didnt post anything in a zillion years again.

Heres things that have happened since that:

Made some art for a videoclip:

like this for example:

Might add some more of what I made for it there when I got more time

Splash screen ish thing for an indie developper, infiniteDev:

Cover for a game OST soundtrack, Ranger Wars:

Also, THOR on the DS came out some time ago, did a bunch of character animations for it:

And I did pretty much all of the art in this game:

Finally, I made all of the art for this avatar maker app here.

Right now I am currently working on a bunch of small projects. Ive been to the Toronto Game Jam a while ago with The Monster King and weve made a pretty cool game over there, were polishing it up right now, should be out soonish. It involves firefighting!