Wednesday, December 23, 2009

College semester finished!

I was horribly busy recently, but its all over now!
Heres some of the things that hogged all of my time these past few weeks:

First, a 1-minute pixel art video:

This video took about 5 days of work. Its silly but fun, I like the result a lot.

Also, in our flash course we had to make two flash microgames. The games were to be handled by an external shell that would randomly play em. Because the external shell handles them, there arn't any play controls on the games themselves so just hit refresh when you want to try again.

first game is called DISASTER. Spin around the screen with your mouse to avoid the projectiles, and click to shoot the monsters eyes. you can play it here:

In the second game, you have to fill a watering pail with water, and then water some walking plants in the bottom of the screen. You can play it here:

You can try out the final project with all of the student's games including my own here: though its all in french, and some of the games can be a little confusing even when you understand the language....And quite frankly a lot of the games are a little poorly made! Its understandable though, there was a lot of work to do this semester and not everyone was particularly interested to invest a lot of time in this one project.

Lastly I spent quite a bit of time working on a php website. The assignment was to make a website where you can register and then upload pictures. You can check the website there:
Though it might go offline soon, its just temporarily hosted on my college's server for the purpose of the assignment. I couldn't really finish it on time but it had pretty much all required features.