Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wowie sbeen a while

heyyy I haven't updated this in a while! Here's what happened since the last time. I was busy with college so I didn't do much for a while and then things started picking up again.

I drew the cover of this chiptunes album here, a compilation of multiple artists by crunchyCo:
get the album itself here:
its pretty cool stuff. My favorite tracks are the first two and the last.

Made a new gameplay video of Super Banana Nababa, game I started to help out on in october, along with Bisse, Phlogiston and Im9today.
It shows me beating the shit out of the first boss Voodoo mask at Normal difficulty level without getting hit once! He is way more challenging at NIGHTMARE difficulty however, with more attacks that deal more damage and are harder to avoid.
Heres the vid, enjoy.

On related news, the results of the IGF competition are out, and Super Banana Nababa was not selected as a finalist. Ah well, there's always next year! Meanwhile we might finish it and pimp it up enough to snatch up a nomination next time.

Right now though I'm working on an entirely different project, a still unnamed exploration-based platformer in a sci fi theme with a slightly creepy atmosphere, yet with a cartoony feel with the characters. The protagonist is a firefly-like alien (not the show, the insect). Its a lot of work but I think I could finish it almost entirely during January if I don't get stupidly lazy. So far the game is roughly planned out, movement and basic things work, most of the work that's left is in designing the levels and polishing it out. Right now im programming an inventory screen and a map display.

I also have some commission work I need to deal with, but for now I'm taking a little break on things I consider "work", after that hectic college semester it feels good to work on stuff that doesn't have money attached to it for a little while.