Monday, October 6, 2008

New release of Sluggy's other adventure

yaya! Heres a new release.

Its not visually very different, but instead the level succession now works differently: you play through all 20 levels now, none of them are secret anymore. Secret exits now lead to the spaceship mini game, and the bonus tokens that lead you there before have been replaced with extra life pickups. Finally,I corrected quite a few problems and bugs, such as the game never ending and your inability to quit playing by other means than CTRL ALT DEL. None of the new sprites I made are implemented yet, but the game is better organized now.

Right now I am helping out Bisse, Im9today and Phlogistion with Super Banana Nababa, which we have to finish before the end of the month, so I wont be working much on Sluggy in october. Also someone paid me for some pixel art and expects it for next week, so yeah.

What is next for sluggy, in a loose order of priority:
  • Add sound to the game. Its been silent for way too long! Ill handle those with a mic. Ive done a few of them already but I havent put them in yet.
  • Redesign a few levels that are boring, adding new enemies while im there
  • Implement the few new enemy sprites when theyre done
  • Add three new bosses. I had been working on another project a few weeks ago, and made a few bosses for it. Now the project is a little dead, but I feel I could give these bosses a second life in sluggy instead. Plus, their visual styles match with Sluggy's Adventures. Ill just have to tweak around how they work a bit to fit Sluggy's movement. (also the game they were originally made for had a hero that could shoot. As sluggy cant shoot, ill find some other means of damaging them. Probably going to be stomping-based like the other current bosses.)
  • Edit the current bosses, make them more of a challenge and more fun. Especially the dragon (currently found at about the middle of the game, its an awful boss.)
  • Finish drawing the world map and implement it as a visual interlude between all levels to give the player a sense of evolution and a goal.
  • Add music to the game, which I put last because someone might end up helping me out with this, so I wont work on it for now until I'm sure I've no choice but to do it myself.

I am going to start a video montage of some of the game's current gameplay tonight, ill put it up on my youtube channel when its done (and add a link to it here naturally). For now, play the game! Also, feedback is welcome!

Edit: Heres the video!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little gameplay video 1

Made a lil gameplay video of The Sad, Sad tale of Finnsworth, private eye in space on youtube. I encourage anyone who played the game to make one of their own...

I wonder if someone out there has the skills to play through the whole game...
Do you...?