Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another album with cover by moi!

The J. Arthur Keenes Band released a new album, called Pamplemousse.

I made the cover art. Its looking juicy.
Get the album here:

See the drawing process in this youtube vidyah here:

I still have like two other album covers on the way, one is almost done too.

Also I made a few more things for the Tigsource Assemblée competition:

Monday, October 26, 2009

New album by Phlogiston out

Phlogiston put out a game music compilation album, its great! I made the cover. You can get the album here:

I am working on three other album covers right now, I'll post em here as soon as theyre done. I recorded the drawing process for some of them.

Also I've been doing some things for the TIGsource Assemblée competition. Heres a lil blast

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New portfolio is out

I have almost finished my portfolio site. Its a college project, basically we got to show off so we can get a good internship somewhere. Its not entirely done: I have some things to add on the animated background still, and also I want to translate the whole thing in french, as most companies around here are mostly francophone. I put it up to replace my old site hub here:
Also I think the site might have issues with chrome! There's an odd white rectangle that appears on the lower left. It disappears as soon as the window is resized. Ive no clue where that comes from. Also the gallery seems to load very slowly in chrome too.

Ill also put a resume there later this week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally picked up Recession again!

I haven't worked on Recession in months. But last week I picked it back up again and boy did I work! I placed all of the bosses in the game(except one that isn't finished yet, cant go in much detail about it, endgame stuff) , finished equipment and treasures, made a saving and loading script, fixed the map display, replaced the pause menu with a more useful one (where you can check your collected items, equip weapon parts...) and took care of many, many little bugs there and there.

There is still a lot left to take care of, but I took care of lots of annoying elements. This game is getting done! Finally!