Sunday, March 28, 2010

Webjam 2010, and new website URL

Just got back from a 24 hour web design competition, the webjam. The competition theme was "2012, a survival kit".
This is the site we made:

And heres the team that did this with me!

Matthieu Gadrat and Philippe Trudel Guerbilsky made a wonderful job with the programming, Pierre-Olivier Nantel worked on video and motion design, and I worked on the prints you see in the videos, helped out a little on the filming and made some illustration. Phil and me both worked on the text content. We were coached by Sophie Blondeau, who had some sort of overseer job of checking on us for 10 minutes at every hour and support us. (But she mostly watched episodes of How I met your mother along with the other teams' coaches...)

We won third place! It was fun but there were two horrible 8 hour bus rides and very little sleep. And I have an internship starting tomorrow, too!

You can see all of the entrants here.

Also! I finally got me a domain name and updated my site a little. Ill do some more of that later. I'm thinking I should spruce up the background animation. Like make some alternate background themes that would be picked at random, that would be fun. The new URL is

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New picture

Finished this giant digital illustration for a contest.

My college has this contest to decide the front page of the next student notebook, thats my entry. Had a lot of fun working on it! You can see a higher resolution version of it here.

View the drawing process in high speed here: