Monday, June 29, 2009

Western compo entry 1

Hey woudya lookatdat its a game for a poppenkast competition!

It doesn't have any audio however, but the game is swell nonetheless. Get it there:

Its a platformer! Play dis shit!
A jumps
S shoots
D reloads
left and right move
up and down move the pincers position from up and down

When the pincers are low you can aim better with the gun, when the pincers are high you can move faster and jump further.
Your crab nature keeps you from being able to turn around and shoot back... you can only aim forward...towards the setting sun...
Get to the end of the level and shoot down that boss guy! Try to finish with 10000 points for a bonus game mode!
I asked Untitled to whip up some music to make the game less boring audio wise but I didn't hear back from him since, maybe he's busy.

The game was made in around 2:30, for a 2 hour competition. I went over the limit a little....ah well, it was fun to work on.
I worked a bit more on the game since, but I'll only upload the updated version once the voting on the competition is done, which should start around july 1st.

I made another entry for the same competition teaming up with Bisse (I drew he programmed), I will put it up on the blog tomorrow.