Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New portfolio is out

I have almost finished my portfolio site. Its a college project, basically we got to show off so we can get a good internship somewhere. Its not entirely done: I have some things to add on the animated background still, and also I want to translate the whole thing in french, as most companies around here are mostly francophone. I put it up to replace my old site hub here:
Also I think the site might have issues with chrome! There's an odd white rectangle that appears on the lower left. It disappears as soon as the window is resized. Ive no clue where that comes from. Also the gallery seems to load very slowly in chrome too.

Ill also put a resume there later this week.


Caliber9 said...

The website is awesome! I like the layout a lot. All your animations are really inspiring, great job!

beef said...

beautiful and awesome, gluck man!

andy said...

great job