Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Frankie goes 2 skool

How gnarly, back to college for me. That flash is going to take a while now, with about half of my free time gone. Ah well, Ill have to finish it one way or the other!

Not much flashy work on it lately, been mostly just correcting bugs and making the code prettier so if I stop working on it for a while and then come back to it, the huge blot of script wont feel as appalling. I didn't sprite anything new for a while now, so I'm drawing a neat pixel art comic for my college newspaper again, its gonna be a classy one. It'll involve FISH HUNTING FOR TREASURE. Yeaaah. (notice the recurring theme of ocean-dwelling creatures)

Ill mayhap end up making a section here for the comics I made. They're all in French though, I only translated two of them so far to the language of Shakespeare.

In other news GO GW6 YOU CAN DO IT

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