Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More flash work

Still working on it! Wow, such an attention span!
The flash game im working on, a sidescrolling, arcade style shooter game, is once again moving forward!
Now established a way of designing levels without just spawning enemies based on time spent and guessing out timing; Ill animate the whole game like a normal flash and place "enemy spawner" objects throughout it all. Its a big relief to design the levels that way, the code-based alternative would have taken much more time. I think I will put up difficulty levels in which additional enemies appear, but I am not sure of this yet. Ill start by doing the whole flash, then think about the extra stuff.

I drew a few enemies now, I will send them to my pixel joint gallery as they're done (movement, shooting, death animation) The first section of the game is over an ocean, with boats, submarines, planes and water platforms shooting at you. Ill 'prolly throw in some stuff to blow up that doesn't shoot back, so that the first part of the game is easier, but still looks action-ey with explosions and special effects n all. Something else I want to do is to have a lot of fighting happen in the background, especially at the beginning of the game. Ill most likely animate those by hand as well. Something I really want to do is to make some of the fighting move towards the player: for instance, a two planes are in a fight far away, and as the level advances, one of the planes get shot down, and the surviving plane starts moving towards you, shooting. So you have to try and dodge shots coming from a new, third dimension (the background), while still paying attention at what happens in the foreground. Ill try some stuff out and see if it looks good.

Some stuff im not sure of yet: how will players get power-ups. Destroying crates? Thats a bit lame... Also, I thought of making a moment of the game where the perspective turns into pseudo-3d, where the ship moves towards the background, which becomes more clear and larger as it goes... I think I know how Id' do this, but im not sure, maybe it would look awkward.

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