Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picking an old project back up....

I recently decided to finish up a pretty old project of mine that I never really finished, Sluggys' other adventure.

Its basically a platformer game, sequel to my very first games made with game maker (my first games ever pretty much, and the projects that got me started with pixel art), Sluggy's adventure 1 and 2, both made around 2005.
Ive no idea if those two early games can still be found anywhere. They were very buggy and ugly, but quite a bit of people played em.

Last year I started to work on this new one, "Sluggy's other adventure". It was more or less just an excuse to draw more pixel art and show off how my art developed over time. The game went along well and I designed quite a bit of levels, they were full of secrets and were pretty fun, but then I sort of stopped working on the project, not really knowing what to add next. My main problem was that I didn't know how to tie the levels together. I thought of a world map, but couldn't come up with a good visual concept for it, or design a nice layout. Before giving up on the project entirely, I quickly put together a playable demo of it, without any world map, just levels that follow each other.

It had a few bugs, but has quite a bit of levels to play, and lots of secret levels too (there is about 20 levels in all, but a single game will get you through only 6 or 7 of them at a time, look for the secret red exits).
Also the game ends abruptly one level after the boss. To quit the game at this point you will have to do CTRL ALT DEL I'm effraid. Also the game was made with an older version of game maker, so it will not work on windows vista.

Now, very recently I decided to wrap that game up. I'll rearrange and edit the levels, draw new visuals for the game to match my current art style and skill, and overall make it better. It should be about a week of work. I will also try to tie the levels together in a fun way, maybe a world map or something, to give the player a better sense of advancement. Here are two new enemy sprites I drew today, next to their old counterparts.



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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the completed game. I like the feel of the demo.