Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some more games...

Here's other shit I'm working on right now!


Game project im working on with Souly from Pixeljoint. He was working on this with another dude who designed and programmed, who then abandoned the project. Souly's roommate I think made the background music.
I didn't have his source code but loosely used his technical demo for the overall idea. Right now the game never ends so you might want to hit ESCAPE to quit after a while. the S key shoots, and the arrow keys move. Things spin around you while you are not shooting to serve as a shield, and when you are shooting, they stop and shoot lasers. A few of the later enemies don't do anything yet and just go down and take lots of hits. The last enemy that does anything is the one that shoots lots of rockets, so after that point you can just quit playing. For this test, the ENTER key spawns more pods around you because I didn't program any way to gain new pods yet (and I'm not sure how that will work really yet)

Renauds' birthday present

Heres how it works: in the middle of the screen there is a large gray meter going up in the background. This meter represents your life, and it goes up every time you shoot an enemy, and goes up by itself as well, slowly. The life is also a currency of sorts, because by going on the sides of the screen, you "spend" these points in two types of "upgrades" for your ship. On the right, you make your shot stronger. On the left, you buy cat heads that float around the protagonist and defend you in different ways (the first one is a rotating short range, weak laser for instance). Letting the middle meter fill up gives you an extra life, represented by the presents on the bottom of the screen.

That's a game Lurdiak and me made for a common friends' birthday. I programmed and made a few of the enemy sprites, and Lurdiak made the awesome soundtrack and some other enemy sprites. The game never ends right now, but there is new stuff in each of the 6 or so first waves. Me and Lurdiak will eventually work some more on this, maybe toning the birthday theme down a little and making it a more regular shooter in theme.

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