Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vidyah's up check de vidyah

Vi-dee-ooo! Finally got around putting this together.
Its got a kickass background song by "Sloche"(an obscure 70's Quebecer band) called "J'Un Oeil".

Got a new computer today, took me a while to configure the whole thing up until I could transfer the raw movie files from my old machine, edit them together as one video, render the thing, connect to the web and upload it. Heh.
Got a new compy to get rid of the overheating problems I had. I'm thinking they were due to my AMD processor getting old.

On the flipside it means ill prolly record more now that I got a better machine that doesn't show signs of internal hemorrhage as soon as I do more than 2 things at once on it. And now that I got something stronger I might just end up doing some 3d modelling, that would be rad.

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